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WordPress SEO Audit + Action Checklist


Site is not showing up in Google search results? That is a major problem. A well-organized, fully indexed site should receive more than half of its traffic from search engines — sometimes as much as 80-85% depending upon the content/purpose of the site.

With the shift to longtail keywords plus all of the recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, it has never been more important to continually improve your site’s SEO. This is especially true for any pages that already receive organic search traffic, as the amount of click-through traffic declines exponentially with each subsequent position. Even a minor shift from the 4th search result to 3rd can major a noticeable difference. (Do that for your top 10 pages and you will really notice a difference.)

This actionable report will highlight any significant SEO issues, from simple meta tags and linking patterns to detailed information about how Google sees your site and what can be done to improve your SEO. There is also an action checklist to cover anything that might have been missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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