Are you sick of wasting time on freelancers and money on expensive agencies?

Then UpThink On Demand is for you

UpThink On Demand combines the professional reliable service of an agency with the flexibility and value of freelancers in one easy-to-use platform. Pay only for the services you need, when you need them, no strings attached.

An Innovative New Digital Service Platform

UpThink On Demand is like the Uber of digital services. 

Hiring an agency on retainer is like hiring a full-time car and driver. It’s reliable and convenient, but also extremely expensive and often wasteful because you’re paying for the service to be on call even when you’re not using it.

Hiring freelancers for occasional jobs is like looking for a taxi every time you need a ride. It’s affordable, but they’re never around when you need them, good ones are hard to find, and negotiating prices is a hassle.

UpThink On Demand, like Uber, combines the best of both worlds. Uber’s platform provides the convenience and professionalism of a private driver with the low cost and convenience of taking a taxi; UpThink On Demand combines the reliability and professionalism of an agency with the low cost and convenience of working with freelancers.

We deliver the professional digital services you need, when you need them, through one affordable, easy-to-use, platform.

Why We Do It

The Problem With Digital Services

UpThink started out as a boutique digital agency providing custom services to some of the biggest names in travel. (And we still do. You can learn more on our main website.)

As our reputation grew, we started receiving inquiries from many new companies of different types and sizes. We met a lot of small and medium-sized business owners who personally liked and sincerely wanted to help, but were forced to turn away because we knew our services were too advanced and expensive for their needs.

We also saw many of our clients struggle to find reliable freelancers to handle simple, low-priority projects with budgets too small for UpThink.

Building A Solution

It was frustrating and upsetting watching these people (many of whom were our friends) waste their valuable time and money on freelancers who often delivered work that was poorly done, late, or overpriced, so we resolved to find a way to help them.

We brainstormed, questioned our clients, and consulted with industry experts until we identified the problem. There was a gap in the market between the expensive custom services of digital agencies and the time-consuming challenges of finding and managing freelancers. 

So we decided that we’d fill this gap by building an affordable, reliable service delivery system designed for the needs of startups and SMEs. After 18 months of research, platform development, process design, and cost optimization, we finally reached our goal; an easy-to-use platform where businesses could buy agency-quality services conveniently and affordably: UpThink On Demand.

How We Do It

To make UpThink On Demand as affordable and accessible as possible, we’ve used a variety of techniques — some traditional and some innovative — to create customer-friendly pricing and service delivery processes.

Scalability And Volume Pricing

UpThink On Demand services follow thoroughly detailed processes that enable us to maintain consistent service quality as our customer base grows and our workforce expands. The scalability of this model enables us to leverage high-volume, low-margin pricing and provide reliable, affordable, consistent service to customers.

Optimized Communications

Communications are one of the most time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful aspects of digital service delivery. Meetings, emails, proposals, and revisions occupy unnecessarily large amounts of both clients’ and service providers’ time.

We use a number of techniques to streamlined these outdated, inefficient processes and minimize the time and cost of service delivery.

First, almost none of the services are customized. Each follows a pre-defined process and is clearly and thoroughly explained on the service page.

Then, after you purchase a service, you’re asked to fill out a short service delivery form. This form provides us with the essential information we need to provide the service. Don’t worry, the forms are short and simple and include easy-to-follow instructions that will help even the most technically inexperienced customer find each answer.

To make this process as efficient as possible, your answers are stored in the Site Details area of your Account (where you can update them) and are automatically pre-filled into any future service delivery form for you.

Although we built this process to streamline communications and keep costs low, we understand that sometimes you just need to speak to a human.

You can always speak directly to one of our experts or the developer working on your project by email or chat or by scheduling a telephone or video call.

Template-First Service Philosophy

Digital services are often sold by freelancers and agencies the same way creative services have been sold in the past; every job is completely customized to the client.

This is an outdated, overpriced service delivery model that’s designed to deliver revenue to the agency rather than value to the client. So, we flipped it on its head.

In custom work, the first 80% of the job is usually very easy and fast because it follows a template or standard process. It’s the last 20% of perfecting the work for the client that takes the most time and costs the most money.

But not every client needs perfect, customized work. Often the client just needs a minimum viable product that’s fast, easy, affordable, and works well enough to fit their immediate needs.

Rather than make every job a custom job like most agencies, we offer you the first 80% — usually a templated or standardized service that’s optimized to meet most clients’ needs — for a low, set price.

If you still want additional customizations on top of that, we’re happy to provide them through one of our flexible custom development packages.

Rather than push you straight into an expensive fully customized service that you may not actually need, we let you try out the standard service first to see if it meets your needs. Then, if you want, you can add any customizations you want and pay only for those customizations.

We don’t try to sell you a 10-course meal as soon as you sit down. We give the menu and let you choose what you want. And, after you’ve eaten, if you still want more, you can just order more.

This is how we deliver maximum value to each customer and minimize their expense.

Purchasing Power

Many WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, digital marketing tools, and other productivity-related applications offer deep discounts agencies and developers. In many cases these discounts are so deep that we’re able to provide our customers with access to the software — including our development services — for less than it would cost the customer to purchase the software individually without any services included.

For example, we own lifetime developer licenses for the most popular Woocommerce alternatives, Easy Digital Downloads (an E-Commerce store plugin) and Restrict Content Pro (membership management plugin), which we used to build this platform.

The full-feature versions of those two plugins cost a total of about $750 USD per year. However, since we already own lifetime, unlimited licenses for these plugins, we’re able to provide our members with lifetime licenses and custom development help for a one-time payment comparable to the cost that they would pay for just their first-year license (which does not come with any development help at all).

At the time of writing we had $4,000+ worth of WordPress software available for members and we’re constantly looking for new software and apps to license and partners to work with to bring even more benefits to our members.

Industry-Leading Partners

Most of the services we offer are delivered by our in-house experts, but we can’t (and shouldn’t try to) be the best at everything. Setting up new efficient, high-value, reliable services takes a lot of time, work, and testing.

So, in order to expand the menu of services available to our members, we’re constantly seeking out companies that deliver high-quality, high-value, reliable services and partnering with them.

Quality and value are top priorities, so we test these services thoroughly — and usually on our own company platforms — before we ever consider offering them to our members. When we do offer them, it’s because we think that the service adds genuine value for you.

If you know of any additional services that you’d like to see on UpThink On Demand, please let us know.