Easy Digital Downloads Starter Pack


Premium multi-purpose storefront e-commerce software for WordPress (like WooCommerce) is complicated and time-consuming to set up and requires expensive subscriptions for all except the most basic features, and the costs add up quickly.

We prefer Easy Digital Downloads (and it’s associated membership-management software Restrict Content Pro because of their user-friendly interface and transparent, affordable pricing. In fact, we used them to build this very website.

Our developer will install the Easy Digital Downloads All Access Pass (normally $499/year) on your website, and then help you choose and install any extensions that you need, and walk you through the configuration settings to get you started with your own WordPress store. After that, Easy Digital Downloads is yours to use on your website forever — including lifetime updates.*

* This applies as long as the original developers continue to support their plugin. We cannot provide support or updates for these products if the developers stop supporting/updating them in the future.


  • One-time Easy Digital Downloads installation
  • 2 hours of one-on-one developer setup assistance (additional developer help is available)

Included Software

  • Easy Digital Downloads – All Access Pass (normally $499/year)
  • Unlimited EDD extensions (currently 95 available)

Features Include

  • Shopping cart
  • Customer management
  • Discount codes
  • Product reviews
  • Purchase rewards
  • Advanced shortcodes
  • Advanced data reporting
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Shareable customer wishlists
  • Affiliate system integration
  • Mailing list integration
  • ConvertKit integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Restrict Content Pro integration
  • …plus much more!


  • Admin access to your WordPress installation (you need to set up a temporary Admin account for us)

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