GeneratePress Theme Setup

Jump-start your new WordPress website with this flexible, lightweight theme and choice of preset style from the site library.

SEO Audit + Action Checklist

This fast, affordable, DIY solution includes a basic site audit report and checklist that highlights SEO issues you can fix to rise in the rankings.

Premium Plugin Installation + Setup

Get the advanced WordPress functionality you need with one of our premium plugins for a flat fee including developer help and a lifetime software license.

WordPress Quick Fixes

Got problems? We’ve got solutions. Let the UpThink On Demand team handle any site issues and WordPress quick fixes while you focus on more important tasks.

1-Year WordPress Basic Management

Let go of your WordPress website health worries with automated security security scans, website backups backups, and general maintenance.

WordPress Support + Consulting

Your time is valuable — don’t waste it trying to solve problems that our support team can handle in minutes. Contact UpThink for your WordPress support.