SEO Audit + Action Checklist


Do you want a roadmap that will show you how to improve your website’s SEO? Then this is the service for you.

We will provide you with a high-level SEO overview of your website that shows you how well each part of the website is configured for SEO, which parts could use improvement, and how you can improve them.

This is not a full SEO solution. This is a tool designed to empower small businesses and website owners to start working on their own SEO and learn about it at the same time. This is not a tool for experienced professionals or those people who think this tool will solve all of their SEO challenges.

This audit will provide a foundational understanding of website SEO and actionable tasks to improve it.

You can also view the full example PDF report to see more.


  • Detailed PDF report (provided as-is)
  • Technical assistance not included

Included Software

  • N/A


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